Saturday, December 08, 2018

Five Awesome Things on Ebay this week

Gi Joe Walkie Talkies- I'm a sucker for Adventure Team stuff and this is in a Canadian box. If it weren't Christmas, I'd be having adventures with these.

Vintage Star Trek Towel set- This sends a really amazing message to house guests plus it's a pretty good price, buy it now dammit!

Fantasy box for Marx "The Green Slime" playset- I wish this was really a thing, hopefully, someday it will be.

Amigos Del Terror Mummy- I love the "Terror Friends", it's just adorable and that card art is just joyous. Also, this is a vintage toy that is less then $30.

A case of Bionic Man Critical Assignment Arms- I have a fondness for original shipping boxes, especially if the original toys are inside it!


Greyhawk Grognard said...

I remember having the Critical Assignment Arms way back in the day, with my Steve Austin, Oscar Goldman, and Maskatron figures. As I recall, the rubber skin on the arms was very hard to roll back into place back to the wrist, which annoyed my OCD 11-year-old self. But there were some removable plastic inserts that were sort of like circuit packs or something that I absolutely adored re-arranging.

YesterdayIsNow said...

The Star Trek towel has to be the worst likeness of Shatner ever.


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