Friday, December 21, 2018

5 Awesome things on Ebay this week

Vinyl Phantom of the Paradise Figure- I already own one of these, I'm not a big collector of vinyl figures but I buy what I like and well, I really liked this. The visor comes off too.

AHI Creature from the Black Lagoon on the card- While this is priced out of my range, it was for a long time my absolute grail item. Something about the Creech popping off that bright pink card that embodies everything I like about toys from the 1970s.

The Shadow Crime Fighter Super Copter by Madison- Anyone intrigued by the Shadow toys I put in my video last week should check them out as they're actually quite affordable to track down when they surface. This carded item has a Buy it Now of $22.

TV Flash outfit by Collegeville- I'm sort of nostalgic for the CBS Flash TV series these days and I love that Collegeville made a Halloween costume that year that is still the "Smock and mask" type that I loved as a kid.

Mike Power: Atomic Man Outfit- I loved my Mike Power figure as a kid but I had no idea then that he had separate outfits and adventures outside of GI Joe. Go figure, they're really rare and expensive!

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John H said...

The actor from the 1990 TV series has been guest starring on the current series. In the costume from his original series even!


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