Friday, September 28, 2018

Top Five Awesome Things on Ebay this Week

Hey it's Friday, that means another segment of my online window shopping and drooling. Man this is cathartic and a lot cheaper than buying this stuff.

Italian Spider-Man! These Superhero cars were produced in Italy and were meant to be used with the Mego 12" Superheroes. I'm a big Mego fan but i've never pulled the trigger on these, there is also a Superman and Batman versions. 

Ben Cooper Sleestak costume- Aggggghhh, this one is killing me but I've already spent my budget for the fall. I usually treat myself to one new Halloween costume every fall but I've been treating myself to lots of things lately.

Superman Carnival Mirror- Around here, the midways only had stuff like "Cheap Trick" and "Motley Crue", I'd have gone crazy for a Superman mirror like this!

FunStuf Power Superhero Power Shield- Power Shields were a really weird concept toy by FunStuf (who made a lot of cool Superhero Merch). I mean shields for any other character than Captain America make as much sense as a Utility belt for the Hulk. There used to be a commercial for this on Youtube but it seems to have disappeared.  

Dr Zaius Belt Buckle- I love Planet of the Apes merchandise and a lot of my disposable income seems to go right towards it. I draw the line at this because it would be too tempting to wear it over my dirty bathrobe while I wander the neighbourhood, thus ruining my daughter's social standing forever. You're welcome, sweetie.


Unknown said...

The Superman mirror is great, it's reminded me that I need an Elvis mirror for my barbershop! - Mark J

YesterdayIsNow said...

How does the power shield work exactky? Springloaded?

Dantheman said...

It surprises me how many characters from different IP holders appeared together on merchandise for children in the 1970s, like that Ben Cooper Halloween costume box. Did IP holders just did not care back then, or what? I mean, this kind of thing would not fly nowadays.

I think it's because of stuff like this is why most people think Marvel and DC superhero characters are both one and the same, and not separate companies.

YesterdayIsNow said...

I think IP was not micromanaged quite as obsessively back then, plus there was no Internet to quickly alert a company to the existence of some obscure IP-abusing rack toy in a random drugstore.

I think that approach was better than today's, from a kid's standpoint. As well documented by Plaid Stallions, it used to be that you could walk into a toy/drugstore and be surprised by any number of wacky products based off of famous characters. Today's toy marketing is so carefully calculated that you rarely see anything on the shelves that isn't somehow promoting the most recent film.

Nico Toscani said...

Who wouldn't want to enjoy some booger sugar off of a Superman mirror?


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