Friday, September 14, 2018

5 Awesome things on Ebay this week

The best part of the interwebs for me is window shopping (and watching those thermal camera fart videos- never not funny!), so justify my time wasting with this week's top five! 

Knock off Planet of the Apes mask from Japan- I know nothing of rubber masks except that i really like them and would love to have the funds/space to collect them. Stuff like this makes it crazy hard to resist it.

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Muton Costume for Cyborg - If you're not familiar with Denys Fisher Cyborg toys, check out this, then come back and drool with me. I've attempted to collect these but I lose focus easy. You can fall in love with this line in our awesome Denys Fisher Cyborg gallery.

Foreign Nicholas Hammond Spider-Man poster- I have had one of these hanging in my son's bedroom since he was born and wow it has paid off, that kid could spell "Pataki" before he was toilet trained!

Mattel Sea Devils- After the Space Craze died, Mattel turned the Major Matt Mason line into scuba characters complete with underwater aliens and cool robot sharks. Even though this line came out when I still had an umbilicle cord, i am really drawn to it. 

And Finally....

I found a copy of my book Rack Toys in a box recently, it's the last copy in the universe that i'll ever sell and I am auctioning it off. I plan to put all proceeds in my kid's college fund which is sort of the antithesis of this book. I'll sign it and include some goodies, maybe even a real life rack toy!

Thanks for enabling! More goodies next week!


Unknown said...

Literally my entire childhood in the 1st 4 items! And Kerr-Chinggg on your book! Congrats to our host!- Mark J

Anonymous said...

That mask is such a train wreck it actually adds to it's appeal.

Anonymous said...

For years this Anon thought Don' Post's Captain Kirk mask was the last word in creepy thanks to Michael Meyers' Halloween. Hadn't seen Cornelius. Kirk doesn't come close.

Knock-Off Cornelius looks like a seedy, older version of "Jen The Gelfling" from the Dark Crystal. Maybe Jan, Jen's ne'er-do-well older brother and crony of Buddy Repperton in Auto-Shop Class.

thermal camera fart videos...

Kr'Grklkkik tried filming one of those in the aft latrine just last week. His crew-mates turned him into a movie poster.

YesterdayIsNow said...

Wait, when did the space craze have time to die? From Star Trek onward there's always been something on TV or movie screens, hasn't there?

Armpit Studios said...

I still have my Sea Devils around here; one guy in an orange wetsuit, one green creature guy, an Aqualander, and a Sea Jet. They were great bathtub fun.

Plaidstallions said...

Science fiction never died but when Man walked on the moon and found rocks, children's interest in Astronaut related toys deflated like a cheap balloon.

YesterdayIsNow said...

So much for the green cheese of their dreams, eh? :)


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