Friday, August 31, 2018

Five Awesome things on Ebay this week

The response to last week's roundup of virtual window shopping was so positive, I decided to make it a regular thing. 

Who knows? Maybe it'll lead to me being more responsible with my money. Here are the five things I'd buy if I was the son of an oil tycoon: 

An Electra Woman Costume!- I love Electra Woman and Dyna Girl a whole bunch and I'm sorely tempted to buy this well-made outfit, just to display it on a mannequin but knowing me I'd end up with a basement wax museum by the end of the year full of Sleestaks and Cybermen (Oh that actually just made me want to do this more). For those that ask, OF COURSE THE SELLER HAS A DYNA GIRL TOO.

Al Capone set for kids- You gotta provide your own syphilis.

Hardcastle and McCormick stamp set- What kid wouldn't want to put Brian Keith's face on absolutely everything. Fun fact, my name is Brian because of Brian Keith, yay me!

Knock off Space:1999 Eagle- Why do bootlegs make everything sexier for me?

Goldorak Action Figure from France- I've never even seen an episode of "Goldorak" because it only played on the French stations (my wife knows it tho). I'm just a sucker for foreign 8" action figures.

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Anonymous said...

Do you happen to know where polygamy is legal?

Anonymous said...

Y'all might want to look into relocating to Utah, Anon Above Me. Ain't legal on the books out there, but folks tend to mind their own heifers and take a strong disinterest in how many their neighbors have.

Our kind host is in luck. Goldorak (more widely known elsewhere as Grendizer) is available in its entirety online for view/ download. No dodgy peer to peer nonsense, either.

This Anon can vouch for the site, having spent happy hours there with Star Blazers and Battle Of The Planets (aka Space Battleship Yamato and Scientific Ninja Team Gatchaman) just to name two.

Unknown said...

Our host keeps on knocking it out of the park with these knock offs! Pun intended!! -Mark J

Count Robot said...

electra wow!

YesterdayIsNow said...

Love the mini cap gun set. Used to see rack toys like that and lust after them, but never had any. I wonder how such a tiny gun an deliver enough force to igniate the cap.

nebulanick said...

That Goldorak figure is really cool.

Grew up watching Goldorak AKA Grandizer on CFMT (OMNI) in Toronto. Was on in the mornings part of Force Five just before school in the early 80s. Steady diet of that and Starblazers on WUTV was good times!

Barry said...
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Barry said...

Pretty sure those costumes are from some superhero fetish porn. I was curious about what their deal was, and googled the names of the actresses who the eBay listing said wore them, and allllll that came up was porn.

Anonymous said...

This Anon is going to either make Yesterday Is Now's whole week or frighten them very badly.

"I wonder how such a tiny gun an deliver enough force to igniate the cap."

First, the good news. Cap guns come smaller, much smaller... as in keychain size.

There was even one made way back as a Kojak tie-in.

They take standard "plastic cup" caps and, thanks to a very stiff spring, function with almost perfect reliability.

Our great, great grandfathers played with all-metal minis like this one, which still used the antique "pin-fire" ignition system.

Now we're going to take a sharp right turn onto the Very Serious Business Turnpike. The North American Arms Company makes a series of "mini-revolvers" that are nearly as small as those keychain capguns.

They were originally designed for undercover police-officers and governmnent security types who needed an ultra-reliable, ultra-miniature handgun with serious punch. .22 Short is no joke. There is even a "keychain" accessory available for them.

Here are all the internal parts. That "big" black S-shaped spring to the right is the part that powers the hammer and fires the cartridge.

So. Now you know.

YesterdayIsNow said...

Thanks for the background! I remember seeing the keychain cap guns in drug stores, and my grandfather had a few smll all-metal cap guns from the 20s. Not as small as a quarter though.

As for the real guns, having seen people whip out derringers in countless westerns I guess I knew small guns were possible, but it is stii impresssive to see how small. Hard to imagine that would be enough to stop a perp, but I suppose .22 is .22.

Anonymous said...

Please pardon my possible, pedantic tone but-

Please always be careful with real guns also called, real firearms.

A real gun is nothing to fool with, or be dumb with, or to be unsafe with.

Professional hunters have killed tigers with [ .22 caliber] rifles and .22 caliber pistols.

Please be safe, everybody.


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