Thursday, July 09, 2020

5 Awesome things on eBay this week

Tarzan Paint 'N Wear set by Avalon- I dig Tarzan and I also love 70s craft kits but I do not look good in white.

Corgi Toys Spider-Man three pack- Oh goodness, this thing just makes me 8 years old again. My personal favourite being the jeep in the middle.

Action Team Super Peggy In Europe, the GI Joe Adventure Team added something we didn't get, the ladies and they were really nicely made figures too. I'd love to own one of these.

Ultra7 Baseball Glove- It's Ultraman day! So this is the weirdest thing I could find. I don't have enough Ultraman stuff.

Strange Paradise Novel- "Strange Paradise" was a Canadian Soap Opera, a ripoff of "Dark Shadows" that was created by Steven Krantz (who was behind the 1966 Spider-Man series). As i recall, the show mainly revolved around voodoo, reruns aired on City TV in the late 70s, where I could not look away. I swear, nothing ever happened but my friend Johnny swore Jean Paul Desmond (the show's Barnabas) once conjured a demon.

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TimPhan44 said...

I believe Strange Paradise was a bit darker than Dark Shadows. It was shot on videotape like Dark Shadows,so probably done live like Dark Shadows. I believe the it involved a man selling his soul to the devil to bring his dead wife back to life.

Gamera977 said...

I love the name 'Super Peggy'. I mean Peggy is a fine name but for a super heroine? If she were a lady pirate and had a peg leg I suppose I could see it though.

Plaidstallions said...

Strange Paradise sure seemed a lot slower than DS, oddly enough they used the music from another Canadian TV show "The Starlost".

Count Robot said...

Super Peggy. Such an odd funny name. I agree with Gamera977.


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