Thursday, May 21, 2020

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

British Gor King of the Terrons from Super Joe- If I wasn't currently unemployed this would be on it's way to "Bri-Bri" right now. BTW that is what the woman in the post office calls me, I like her and she gives me packages, so I deal with it. 

Weird European Incredible Hulk Figure- My pal David Lockwood loves this toy, I think it's a homunculus spawned when Lou Ferrigno shared a passionate night with Gilbert Gottfried. I want one but on the same token, I'm completely "wet the bed" terrified of it.

Star World Carry Case- I love dumb, copyright infringing stuff like this. This is kind of toy as a kid I'd find at "Bargain Harolds". OK, I know most of you won't get that local reference but the name "Bargain Harolds" probably transcends geography and you know that was the worst store to buy toys in. Even the comic books were just....unpleasant.

Incredible Hulk and Spider-Man Motorcycle- Hey Hong Kong, you can't take every Batman and Robin toy and make it for Hulk and Spider-Man or maybe you should because you create amazing comedy when you do. Never mind, carry on bootleggers, we need you right now...

1960s Dalek Playsuit MIB- My God, it's so beautiful, I may need a moment. Sorry, I promised not to get emotional but here come the waterworks...


Sean said...

Pretty sure I had that carrying case.

Danny said...

Hulk being relegated to the sidecar gave me a good laugh his morning.

Unknown said...

I remember seeing that Starworld case as a kid and even then rolled my eyes at the obvious knockoff.

Seventiesfan said...

I love my Star World figure case, my favorite obvious knockoff.

My Gor figure is in great condition even it doesn't work.

I'd love those Spider-man and Hulk on the cycle.

I can't afford the Dalek playsuit, but I do have the talking Dalek figure, and it still talks.

Is that weird European figure the Hulk or Bookman from Good Times?

Unknown said...

Looking forward to another 14 magnificent years of this great and fantastic era in time.
Thank you!

David C said...

I do know Bargain Harold's without actually knowing Bargain Harold's!

The places where most of the comic books were obviously cheaper things from Charlton or even worse.


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