Friday, September 20, 2019

5 Awesome things on eBay this week

Japanese Big Jim- I don't know it is but I have this predilection for American toys in Japanese packaging, Big Ken (he got a name change) is no exception, just something so cool about those characters.

Space Warrior Pencil Tops- Gah! I love Copyright infringement, especially when they mix properties like this, it's the Eagle from Space:1999 mincing with the Shogun Warriors and R2-D2. Who didn't love stuff like this as a kid?

Wonder Woman Sunglasses by Nasta- I love the gorgeous 1980s card artwork on this and kudos to Nasta to making the emblem so prominent.

Star Trek AstroTank by Remco- I've been obsessed with the late 1960s Star Trek toys by Remco since i was a teen, they have nothing to do with the show in way, shape or form but dammit Jim! I love them.

Bionic Woman Beach Towel- I really want to collect beach towels but i have no idea how to display them, they're wonderful however and as per the example above, rather reasonable all things considered. 


Nico Toscani said...

I had a ton of those unlicensed pencil toppers as a kid. They were great.

DBenson said...

I recall there was a Jessica Rabbit beach towel, in her full-length looking-back-over-her shoulder pose with the caption "I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way." It struck me at the time that lying on one's stomach would create an obscene effect.

The one beach towel I regret not buying had a huge Mensa logo. If the writers of "Big Bang Theory" knew about it, they'd have written it in.

Were those Remco toys marketed while "Star Trek" was in production? Imagine somebody showing Roddenberry the prototypes and suggesting he work them into the show.

Rick Dunn said...

I just bought the Bionic Woman towel. Thanks for posting this. The same towel is listed on etsy for $175.

Anonymous said...

This Anon had a similar display problem with an Egyptian-themed beach towel many years ago.

My solution was labour-intensive, but it worked.

Cut a length of wood dowel the slightly longer than the width of the towel, sand the edges nicely, attach some mounting hardware (thin eye-screws are good) on either end.

Lay the top edge of the towel very carefully along the dowel.

With a very thin needle and thread the same colour as the towel, stitch the towel onto the dowel. Use a continuous spiral loop, once through the towel, around the dowel and then through the towel again a centimeter or so forward. I found using several medium lengths of thread is easier to manage than one long one.

The trick is to do each of the stitches with even tension and to space them fairly close together. This distributes the weight of the towel evenly with very minimal weight on any one stitch.

Should the time ever come to use/ sell the towel, one razor blade along the side of the dowel and all the stitches are cut.

The towel will show no damage and I can say that with certainty. A girlfriend talked me out of my towel. She wanted to use it as a bedspread and it didn't take too much exlanation on her part for me to see the advantages of that.


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