Friday, October 26, 2018

Five Awesome things on Ebay this week

Another week of virtual window shopping has unearthed some vintage joy for, this being Halloween there is a particular monstrous slant to this week's offerings.

 I'll turn back into mortal man next week I promise. 

Palitoy Mighty Men and Monster Maker- Sure, we've all seen one of these before but somehow the British packaging makes it seem cooler. I have a lot of hang-ups about this kind of stuff.

Planet of the Apes Spin and Colour set by Pressman Toys- Even though i've previously gently mocked these kits before, that doesn't mean I don't want to do crafts with Dr. Zaius. 

Tomland Mini Monsters- Egads I love these rare l'ill buggers, they're essentially PVC figures of the Lincoln International Monsters but slightly more cartoony. The seller also has Dracula and the Wolfman and I highly recommend them.

Pressman King of the Gorilla's Movie Make-Up Set- This is no doubt inspired by Kong but being the Planet of the Apes fan that I am, I would have loved to own this as a kid. My childhood lack of patience would have been a boon here however..

The Incredible Melting Man novel- This blows my mind it exists, I totally get the halloween costume but an adaptation of that movie's screenplay is shocking. For anybody that's seen the film, ain't too much to the story. Either Phil Smith is very creative or this book has really big print. At $8, I'm tempted to buy it and find out.

Our latest Pod Cast is all about Vincent Price, it's perfect Halloween listening.


Dantheman said...

They made a Halloween costume for The Deep and it wasn't of Jacqueline Bisset in a wet t-shirt? *rimshot*

YesterdayIsNow said...

I had (wait, still have) a set similar to that Monster Maker but for trucks. Not really too exciting to be honest.

JFStan said...

The Mighty Men and Monster Maker was the best! I loved that thing so much.


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