Friday, October 05, 2018

Five Awesome things on Ebay this week

Star Wars Super 8MM:  I love Super 8 films and this is one of my grails as it was a birthday party staple for me and my friends from 1977-1980. This one is a good deal but the guy doesn't ship to Canada (boooo!) so my loss is your gain.

Spider-Man Lobby Cards- I love the 1970s TV Spider-Man more than any other incarnation and while I should jump all over these, I don't have any wall space to properly display them.

Man from Atlantis Puzzles- I had no idea these were a thing and they're dirt cheap! I will be purchasing some of these.

Metaluna Mutant Halloween Costume-  Wolverine, Schmolverine, this is the coolest screen mutant ever. 

Addar Jaws Model Kit- Addar models didn't last terribly long but while they were here they tried to grab as much pop culture as they could producing models for Planet of the Apes, Evel Knievel and everybody's favourite shark. This kit is high on my "millionare wishlist".


Anonymous said...

Seller won't ship to Canada?

Why not contact a buddy here in the US (who isn't a Star Wars collector) have him buy it and he'll send it along? With online money transfers being what they are, it's a case of you pay your buddy, he pays the eBay guy who sends it to your buddy who sends it to you. Okay, you pay double shipping but for a small, very light box like that, it shouldn't be that much.

This Anon did something identical in reverse with a Grail of my own (an impossible to find resin kit) about ten years ago. Went smoothly and my kit arrived sooner than I expected. The shipping was a lot more because it was a huge, huge kit, but hey... Grails are Grails for a reason.

Never regretted it since I've never, ever, EVER seen that kit turn up again. Not online, not in bricks 'n mortar hobby shops, not at conventions. I think that Canadian kit was the last one literally on the entire North American continental land mass.

Chardman said...

I remember watching that Star Wars 8mm film whenever they'd spool it up at our local mall's camera shop and show it in their display window around '77 or so. It would draw a big crowd of kids until the owner would come out and shoosh us away and an hour or so later, he'd try to show it again.

Dantheman said...

Star Wars on Super 8- the only way to see Star Wars at home until home video, amiright?

Ned Hastings said...

I went to grab Star Wars but it had already sold. So I got the next-best thing "Body and Soul" starring John Garfield...

YesterdayIsNow said...

Is that the U.S. Spidey or the Japanese Spidey? Hard to tell.


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